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Interview with Users
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- - How do you like the functions of our restaurant POS system?
We value the system highly because it simultaneously outputs order slips for the kitchen and bills for customers. We are quite comfortable because since there's no need to fill in any order forms, we need not worry about entry errors or handing out miscalculated bills to customers.
- - What are the reactions of your customers?
Our customers are intrigued and they glance over the device with great interest saying "What on earth is it?" or "Hey, it's great." Also, our suppliers and traders usually say graciously, "What a cool device!" But, actually, our customers are impressed more by the sportiness of pocket-PCs rather than the ordering function itself. It seems the metallic silver color grabs customers' attention, and allow me to say that they are items we feel like talking big.
- - Has the atmosphere of your restaurant changed?
Before we started to use this system, our waiters and waitresses had to cry out orders to the kitchen but, after this system was installed, all they have to do is to confirm the order and press OK button and the order slip is automatically printed out in the kitchen. The system eliminated kicks and struggles and our customers can now dine in a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. We have also devised ways of using BGM system more effectively.
- - What are the effects of introducing our "ORDERETTE" system?
When we were hand-filling the order form, we didn't have the time to calculate consumption tax at the table and, therefore, had to calculate totals and taxes when customers paid at the register. Some customers protested by saying "Why are you charging me taxes that are not written on the bill?" Today, every item on the bill is filled in at the time our customers get the bill at the table right after the order is confirmed. The system allows us to maintain and strengthen mutual confidence with our customers.
- - Could you tell us your overall impression of "ORDERETTE" system?
As the owner, I am pleased to say that there is no miscalculation anymore. Mistakes were unavoidable when we were filling-in orders by hand and, consequently, figures simply did not add up and such miscalculations began to undermine the relation of mutual trust between the owner and employees. However, after the installation of this system, we can easily identify the cause and source of error and the system's factual nature makes it easier for both parties to accept the situation. I feel that the relation of mutual trust between the owner and employees is now deepened. Let me say in conclusion that the usability of "Order to the Kitchen" system becomes plain as one uses it. I recommend the system with confidence.

building User: Cooking House A
Address: 1-49 Takaramachi, Tajimi, Gifu 507-0054
Telephone: 0572-23-6288 FAX: 0572-23-5485
Business Hours: 11:00 〜 22:00 Closed on Tuesdays
Lunchtime Service: 11:00 〜 14:00 (Only on weekdays)