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Premium Products

œMOPiMobile Online Point)

In order to increase sales, it is necessary to think about ways to attract customers
Donft know how to get new customers?
Would like to expand sales?
Tried many ideas but customer number donft seem to increase?

MOP Processing

Worldfs first !
Customer improve work place

Happy customers!

¡Customers get points as a new member
¡Customers get points from ordering
¡Our POS provides customer reviews
¡Reduces work for staff
¡Reduces staff number and lowers operating costs

1. This system can be used by a single store or shared between multiple stores.
2. Customers register by using their phone numbers
3. Registration by customers reduces input mistakes
4. No need for manual registration on paper therefore no staff data input required
Logging in is done by scanning QR code, therefore eliminating any security issues with unauthorized logins
5. Only requires internet and PC to operate, and no other hardware

MOP monitor (Customers review screen)

MOP monitor (# of customers on the google map)

Flow Chart of creating repeat customers