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œMOPiMobile Online Point)

System configuration diagram

Cost Cut And Sales Up !
Low cost self service order system by smart pad.
Reduce Staff, Guest can order without staff assistance.
Increase sales at least by 10% to 20% (from our User report).

System can be tailored to suite your restaurantfs requirement !
We have installed our system in Karaoke, Sushi, BBQ, Pub, Coffee restaurants and many more.
We have many screens to suit your restaurant needs.
New menu setting can be adjusted easily by yourself.
Guests will enjoy the simple, convenient and fast way of ordering their meals.

Our users (example)
œIsshin Kasugai store
œIsshin Kamiyashiro store
œIsshin Owariasahi store
œOkonomi dining 1
œKasugaiYakiniku Senjyu
œKaraoke jackass
œFamily restaurant Otowa